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Derrek Diamond (Todd Sherry) bubbles over with an evil plan! Faithful companion Steven Spielberg inspires the Playas. The Playas get the bad news -- they are losing their theatre. The filming is on and the Playas are in awe!  Terry Pride calms his hysterical boss Derrek Diamond. The cunning Missy lures leading man Brock Jones into bed. The Playas find inspiration in a creature mask from their production of A Laser Midsummer Night's Dream. Lilly Andrews (Kappa Victoria Wood) channels her inner vampire bride.    
The Playas share movie ideas. The diva Edith Birkhead (Victoria Wright) is bloody unhappy! Derrek Diamond visits the NightSweat radio program and host Larry Loory. Manipede and his girlfriend visit Dr. Cavanaugh. Manipede is reunited with his long lost owner. Brock Jones admires the tempting view as Missy sets the trap. Derrek Diamond (Todd Sherry) shows off a fist full of bling! The cast celebrates as filming begins!    
Burton Black (Matt Johnson) encourages the Playas with a rousing pre-production speech. Brock Jones and Burton Black celebrate the creature movie idea. The evil trio of Terry Pride, Derrek Diamond and Edith Birkhead plot the demise of the Burbank Playas. The Playas react to Burton Black's suggestion of making a movie to save the theatre. Edith Birkhead (Victoria Wright) goes undercover to protest the film's premiere. Manipede shares a tender moment with his faithful girlfriend. The official movie poster designed by Charles Burbridge.